valuation services

Value is at the core of all we do. We provide valuation solutions to clients across a broad array of industries and our team’s cross-functional experience allows Franklin Nova to tailor our solutions to our client’s size, needs and marketplace.

In a service segment where fee-sensitivity is an important driver, our value lies in our unique ability to transcend mere finance function and deliver solutions that support optimized financial outcomes.

We provide expert-led services to start-ups and publicly traded global corporations. We meet you where you are in your growth.
We provide full-spectrum valuation services, including both tangible and intangible assets and liabilities.
Extra Mile
More than merely perform financial functions, we advise how to utilize them for optimal outcomes.

Corporate Compliance

We possess the expertise and experience to handle any compliance need related to fair value reporting, including all asset classes and complex derivative instruments. From annual equity grants to merger and acquisition purchase price allocation, our experts are recognized leaders in valuation and advising our clients how to best utilize our solutions.

Specialized Tangible Asset Services

In addition to traditional real and personal property appraisals for reporting purposes, Franklin Nova is well-respected within the retail and hospitality industries for pioneering the calculation of the incremental borrowing rate and its impact on corporate lease accounting. With our national network of real estate appraisers, we have boots on the ground to provide true valuations based on actual market data that support both large and small corporate real estate transactions.

We are also recognized leaders in Asset Impairment Testing for automotive and manufacturing. Our team members not only possess the experience to navigate the test, but as engineers themselves, the specialized knowledge to properly assess the machinery and equipment upon which these industries rely.

Litigation Support

We provide broad spectrum valuation support and expert witness testimony across a range of legal matters. From arbitration and dispute resolution, to divorce, shareholder dispute, eminent domain and intellectual property issues, Franklin Nova is uniquely suited to support the finance side of litigation.