m+a advisory

We have a passion for sharing our experience and expertise with entrepreneurs and business owners to lead them to the realization of the truest financial outcomes of their life’s work.

With experience gained at world-class firms and work with global brands, Franklin Nova brings a level of expertise uncommon to a firm our size. We leverage this advantage to our client's benefit. Our focus on the middle market means that entrepreneurs and business owners have access to approachable experts in a segment underserved by investment banks or large business advisory firms.

Franklin Nova is focused on the middle market to bring a skillset and deliver solutions to a market segment others will not.
We bring the A-team, every time. Our independence allows us to focus on the middle market clients we choose to serve.
Valuation Optimization
Understanding what drives value allows us to go beyond the transaction multiples to unlock the true value of your company.

Seller Advisory Services

Our turnkey advisory focuses solely on the seller with comprehensive leadership throughout the entire acquisition process. From understanding the opportunities within the marketplace and finding the buyer that is best able to leverage such opportunity, we structure the entire outcome with your trusted advisors, allowing you to continue to run your business with minimal disruption.

Buyer Advisory Services

Franklin Nova advises companies considering growth through acquisition by providing support in leveraging the potential synergies that benefit the business and identifying the ones that do not. Our team will bring the numbers to life, challenge the viability to successfully execute on an acquisition strategy and analyze what the key risks mean to the value of a deal.