business advisory

Our experts advise our clients in navigating the challenges that come with business growth, establishment of a brand, development of intellectual property, and the operational needs of proper marketplace positioning and optimization of value.

As trusted consultants, Franklin Nova understands what drives value within a specific lifecycle phase of a company and brings the experience-based confidence to direct you to successful outcomes. Our value comes from our ability to equally understand the needs of the boardroom – and the shop floor - to see the full context of a business and develop solutions tailored to those specific requirements.

We apply our experience and understanding of a business’ lifecycle to deliver a solution based on the specific needs of our client.
Regardless of business or transaction size, or whether the need is ongoing or in support of a single engagement, we provide the same level of attention, every time.
We distill the complexities of financial reporting and market positioning into easily understandable and actionable solutions.

Business Planning

With our financial acumen and firsthand operational experience, we develop solutions tailored to the specifics of our client’s needs and phase of their business lifecycle. Our solutions optimize marketplace positioning and structure; position a company for growth, market entry or acquisition; provide potential exit strategies; and position a company to succeed post- ownership/founder exit.

Interim Finance Leadership

Franklin Nova provides experienced finance professionals to companies that have outgrown the capabilities of their current team, require guidance in raising capital to meet customer demand, or require temporary leadership due to employee retirement or attrition.

Estate and Tax Planning

We partner with trusted legal and financial advisors to execute a plan to optimize outcomes for vested individuals and their families. Through well-supported analyses that will survive the rigors of regulatory scrutiny, we assist clients in managing their tax planning and positioning their future generations for success.