Impairment testing is often for assets that require annual or more frequent testing. Most common is testing indefinite lived assets such as goodwill and trade names, as well as definite lived assets such as machinery and equipment, customer relationships, and developed technology.

Expert Led

Our team has performed goodwill impairment testing for both public and private companies, and bring considerable experience providing impairment testing services. We were at the forefront of the adoption of goodwill impairment testing and have served clients through every economic cycle imaginable since that time.


We recognize that frequent testing requirements can be stressful to stay on top of and execute effectively. We make meeting these regular requirements streamlined and auditor-friendly with succinct and organized deliverables.

Financially Focused

We have performed both Step 1 and Step 2 goodwill impairment testing services for numerous public and private companies. We have supported both the substantiation of goodwill as well as the impairment of goodwill for clients served by all of the major accounting firms. In addition, our work has been used to support findings to the SEC and other stakeholders with respect to substantiating goodwill balances.