When valuing equity we focus on a process that helps clients avoid potential tax pitfalls and penalties, and which prepares them for future regulatory compliance.

Expert Led

With significant experience in establishing the fair market value of equity, we are experienced and credentialed in helping clients avoid tax and financial reporting pitfalls in handling equity based compensation matters.


Our process and deliverables ensure that our clients meet their compliance requirements with supportable results, that can withstand the scrutiny of both auditors and taxing authorities.

Financially Focused

Our services are used to value equity awards for both for ASC 718 and IRC 409A compliance purposes. Both public and private companies have utilized our services to meet their ASC 718 Stock Compensation requirements (which specify the valuation of stock options issued to employees be recorded as an expense of the company) as well as their employees IRC 409A requirements (establishing tax basis of a stock-option).