Through its Strategic Finance Advisory Services, Franklin Nova actively supports early stage companies transitioning into periods of greater growth and operating maturity.


Growth stage businesses often encounter functional gaps in important areas of Strategic Finance. During seed and early stages, focus is (rightly so) on commercialization and business model validation. However, as the entity continues to progress and plan for later stage growth, a relatively small investment in the finance function can add significant current and future value.
  • Formal budget process and discipline.
    • Ensure visibility for human and financial capital planning purposes
    • Efficient and effective stakeholder communication
    • Disciplined linkage and reconciliation with initial pro-forma, investment overviews, and offering memorandums
  • Forecast production & analysis
    • Driver-based P&L projections
    • Cash flow forecast, including projected working capital requirements
    • Qualitative and quantitative summary of Risk & Opportunity
  • Analysis
    • Actual vs. Budget vs. Most Recent Forecast
    • Detailed and summary level variance analysis
  • Commercial Support
    • Product sales, licensing, and business case development & analysis
    • Intellectual property valuation and pricing strategy support
  • Visibility
    • In the role of a true partner, the Franklin Nova finance professionals are focused on providing information to support lead entrepreneur execution and communication to the Board
  • Reduced risk profile
    • A track record of tight linkage between finance and business operations enhances credibility and standing
    • Being a financially literate company with professional and periodically comparable work product reduces uncertainty
  • Perpetually diligenceable
    • Requests for financial information and communications do not detract from the core team’s focus on commercial & operational execution
    • Valuation status remains at the forefront of the finance function

The companies we most effectively serve exhibit typical growth stage characteristics. They often maintain flat organizational structures, few reporting layers, and the lead entrepreneur and core team perform duties across multiple functions. Executives reaching this stage are often referred to as “wearing many hats” being “nimble”, and skilled at “fighting fires”. This is the point where engaging Franklin Nova can really pay off. It is from here that we help bridge the Strategic Finance capability gap as the company continues to progress to later stages of maturity and often times Acquisition or Exit events.

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