Franklin Nova has perspective and is actively assisting clients in meeting the financial reporting impacts of COVID-19


While the of economic impact of COVID-19 remains unclear, companies are being called upon to consider a number of accounting, disclosure, and financial reporting matters related to their annual and interim impairment analyses for indefinite-lived intangible assets and goodwill under Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 350.

Franklin Nova has been actively engaged with its clients in assessing the current and potential impacts the COVID-19 closures and disruptions are having on their businesses.  As the first quarter of 2020 draws to close, regulators and auditors are requiring companies to test the values of certain tangible and intangible assets that have been or may be impacted by these recent global disruptions.

Franklin Nova’s Business and Tangible Asset Valuation Services

Franklin Nova’s Business and Tangible Asset Valuation Services practice is led by a team of dedicated individuals that have decades of experience in assessing the impact of business disruptions on the value of corporate assets.  Our team has assisted clients in navigating these issues during global and industry recessions and posses the critical experience necessary to deliver results that meet the needs of our clients as well as their regulators.  Our streamlined approached to client service enables our team to deliver these results in an efficient an economical manner which is critical during times of economic uncertainty.


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